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All Services must be pre-paid
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Medical Nail Technician™ (MNT)  caters to clients
with special health concerns!
At SPAthenA clients can receive safe services with sterilized implements from AthenA Elliott, a certified Medical Nail Technician ™ (MNT). With 33 years of experience and extensive training, Athena safely restores beauty to the  hands and feet of her clients and enhances their self-image and confidence.
We know local  nail salons are unsanitary and unsafe! How is SPAthenA different? Recent media coverage has uncovered many medical complications and even deaths that have occurred as a result of improperly sterilized salon equipment in local salons that perform unsafe services
Cross-contamination in pedicure basins is prevented by using a  disposable pedicure liner  for each client!
SPAthenA ensures clients they will receive safe care through the use of hospital-level sterilization of implements and consistent sanitation throughout the service environment.  Items that cannot be placed in the autoclave are discarded after every use.  
SPAthenA cares about clients with special health concerns and communicates with their health care provider when needed  to obtain special instructions and medical history. This distinguishing service ensures individual clients  receive a safe,quality spa service in the relaxing SPAthenA environment without the possible health risks associated with many salons. 
SPAthenA MinxHouston
SPAthena MinxHouston
PrePayment needed to Book appt
48 hr cancel for refund
All Services Must Be Pre Paid 48 Hours in Advance by PayPal or we will be happy to take your payment by telephone (281)888-3208
48 hr cancelation notice is needed for full refund.
  "Best Safe Pedicure"
Important: This website does not represent medical advice or the ability to diagnose or treat disease in any way.  It simply provides information on the cosmetic process and the capability of SPAthenA to facilitate safe care through safe practices and purposeful communication between SPAthenA, clients, and their physicians when needed.
If you have any specific concerns or questions about services, please call AthenA at 281-888-3208.
2990 Richmond Ave
Ste 209
Houston Texas 77098
Tue-Fri 8AM-6PM
Every Other Sat-8AM-2PM
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